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About us

Our payment gateway is a technical solution which allows online business owners to accept website payments via bank card in minimum time.


The gateway is a bridge between the website and a merchant acquiring partner. Using a reliable gateway, all your data will be encrypted, so you’ll experience no leaks.


Safety is important to us, that’s why our data transfer system is absolutely secure. Moreover, we offer the highest quality service round-the-clock and our clients are able to make purchases at any time.

Alisa Lebedynska

SH START HIGH’s owner and director

and experienced software developer

Alisa is skilled in negotiation and IT development and has  vast experience in working for outsource support for projects using Python language, creating high-level data structures, exception handling, full introspection, working on Unity 3D, working with Mono, script and jsc compiler, creating games and platforms, etc.  

As a director of SH START HIGH, Alisa is responsible for:

• Negotiations with partners

• Developing product descriptions

• Coordinating the production of a wide range of marketing communications

• C++ and Python programming

Alisa’s professionalism, experience, communication ability, and time-proven skills in the IT sphere will definitely lead your partnership with SH START HIGH LTD to success!

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